Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sat Nam,

I got tired of trying to verbally explain this to people, especially over email. And I couldn't find anything on youtube!

It's very simple to do, but rather complex to describe without the visual.

This is a great idea to do before bed, or whenever you are feeling ungrounded.

Happy breathing,

Warning: May Not Look as Good as it Feels

It is the full moon, so naturally I have insomnia, reviewing everything that has happened over the past year.

I was looking back on videos of myself and thinking: "I looked really good. My skin was clear. I was really thin."

But I was singing about failed relationships and other disappointments, my liver was clogged with stones (I know now after having done about 15 liver "flushes"), and I was generally not a happy person.

Fast forward a year later. I feel fantastic! I feel on purpose. I am surrounded by a loving community of like-hearted people. I have access to the highest quality produce right around the corner from me all year round. And oh, my liver is functioning significantly better. My yoga classes are taught by masterful, world famous teachers.

And yet my skin has broken out and I weigh more than before.

I have been a little "worn" by living in Los Angeles. Here, I have been called upon to grow up more in one year than I had in the past 25 years of my life.

And it's been a little tiring...

I think I may need a break. I think I may do something the weekend after Easter to escape.

Happy full moon,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Challenges

At the moment I am trying to "master" 2 poses:

1) Bound Lotus - 31 minutes

2) Camel Pose - 31 minutes


1) Bound Lotus - about 16 minutes (listening to the Snatam's Ray Man Shabad)

2) Camel - 5 minutes (listening to Aurora's Har Har Har Gobinday)

The music is really important, particularly for Bound Lotus. I know that Ray Man Shabad is 15:50, so it keeps my mind in check. I don't have to keep worrying what time it is.

Har Har Har Gobinday is a mantra that is good for harnessing inner strength. And it takes a lot of it to do camel pose for a long time! I'm going to start to increase my time to 6 minutes as of tomorrow.


1) After about 16 minutes in bound lotus I feel so calm and grounded. I've just spent a significant amount to time with my heart above my head, which is always a good idea. On top of that, I am automatically applying pressure to my third eye by resting it against the ground. Gravity does the rest.

On a more esoteric level, being "bound" for that long helps me to understand a deeper meaning of "freedom", which is beyond the physical realm of my body. "Spiritual Liberation" as Rev. Beckwith would say.

2) After 5 minutes of camel I feel energized, like I've worked out for an hour. It helps with my digestion, particularly if I do it on an empty stomach. It's easier for me to practice this pose in the middle of the day than early in the morning.

Again, on an esoteric level, this is a heart opening pose. Granted, it is physically challenging to stay in this pose - I start to sweat a little towards the end, it burns my thighs, my hands tingle. On an emotional level, I am finding myself much more capable of receiving the good that comes to me on a daily basis. Yet this pose is also making me impermeable to anything that might cause me harm.


I invite you to try to stay in a pose that challenges you! It may seem impossible, but you will grow with it and will soon be doing it for long periods of time.

I practice challenging yoga poses with a commitment to my breath, allowing myself to relax into them. This way, when I am faced with challenges in my daily life, I have an inner strength from which to draw.




Sat Nam, ("truth is the only identity... I see it in myself, so I see you as truth too")

Thank you for visiting me in my new virtual abode.

We'll packed up and moved... to a new blog!
I'll start blogging here NOW. My old blog is still available for your perusal:

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Let the blogging begin!



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