Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wahe Jio!

I wrote a version of "Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio" as part of the Aquarian Sadhana mantras I often perform at Yoga Phoenix in the early morning hours. I played them in front of a crowd for the first time in Sedona for Sangeet Kaur Khalsa's "Brahm Prakash" retreat over 11/11/11. This was the first time I'd sang it front of hundreds of people though! What a high to have everyone chanting together.

I am so blessed to re-unite with my family each Solstice and create music like this!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Befriend Your Heart

In the center of the body
beams a gentle light
arching towards the mountains
towards the left
and towards the right

At a pre-existence level
we knew where to shine this light
and beam out clear protection
to ward off any blight

When we block the heart
we silence our best friend

We chose to lose the battle
And forfeit before the end.

Sick and Always New

Dearest reader,

I learned a lot this Winter Solstice in Florida... though I didn't realize I signed up for the class.

Operation Failed Expectations:

On the day after I arrived, I contracted what most people would call "sickness."

Symptoms included:
-congestion, -sore throat, -aches and tiredness, and -difficulty breathing.

This was not how I had expected to spend my vacation.

A Blessing In Every Tissue:

I spent about half a day feeling really sorry for myself. How could this happen to me? I was supposed to have fun, sing, meet new people, stay up late and get up really early... just like last year.

Completely unprepared in terms of "get well supplies", I decided to contact the resident doctor. I had a beautiful conversation with him, which forever changed the way I will see "illness."

Everything is New:

He explained, the terms "sick", "ill", "cold", "flu", or other ways we describe our dis-ease are too generic. They reinforce the illusion that each experience is exactly the same as our previous ones. When we generalize our "illness", we have a particular idea about how much time it will take to get better, what we have to do to get better, and what caused it. We are ignoring what is actually occurring.

Instead, he encouraged me to notice the particular sensations that made this experience unique. What elements we at play? Was it dry or wet? Was it hot or cold? I answered that it felt sticky, damp, and dirty.

He asked me something that no doctor has ever asked me before:
"What other parts of your life feel sticky, damp and dirty right now?"
Ah, clarity!

You Get What You Need:

While I did spend much of my time in Florida experiencing not-so-sensational sensations, I know now it was an opportunity to transmute old ideas and stored emotions around "sickness", into the fertilizer for radiant health—mental, spiritual and physical.

This year I experienced a lot of change, and this minor inconvenience gave me what I needed: quiet time to myself, deep introspection, and true grit.

Thank you Winter Solstice.

Thank you God.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Solstice & Bliss

Sat Nam my friend,

On Friday I head out to Lake Wales Florida for Winter Solstice... one of my favorite times of the year!!

I just heard today that I will be leading Morning Sadhana with my friend and sometimes-musical partner Sat Darshan Singh.

I am so excited!

Only a few more days until I get to see friends from all over the world, chant along with fantastic musicians and yogis, take amazing workshops and classes, help out with the sound team (that's my karma yoga this year!), and experience three of White Tantric Yoga.

"Bliss" (from The Music Within) is the featured song for the KRI vide "Facets of the Master", which will be playing during White Tantric Yoga events throughout the year... all over the world!

I'm interested to see how that is integrated into this year's festivities as well!

To purchase the DVD (and help support KRI), click here.

I hope to see you there... or feel you in spirit.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BIG NEWS: Gratitude Works!

The New York Times posted an article today providing scientific proof that "an attitude of gratitude" can help you sleep better, feel better, and live better.

Are you surprised?

I guess this wasn't always common sense to me either.

There have been times when I felt a need complain about anything in order to fill up silent space in an awkward conversation. Don't you find it easier to relate to some people around negativity than around positivity?

For example: "Well of course I chose the longest line in the supermarket. Murphy's law."

Sometimes it's best to just give someone a smile though, rather than filling silence with a complaint.

It's nice to see people becoming more aware of how much of a disservice complaining is—for our own self and for others.

Our ability to change our perspective is related to our ability to be neutrally minded. Acting from a neutral mindset, we can choose to see the underlying (or obvious) good in every situation.

I found a Baba Ram Dass quote today that sums this up nicely:
“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”

Oh, and remember, being for your good, isn't always the same thing as feeling good. Be thankful for the medicine. No matter how bitter.

Love and light,
Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude Thursday: Thanksgiving

Since becoming a vegetarian I've had varying emotions about Thanksgiving for the past few years.

Many Thanksgivings ago I mistakenly considered it a holiday designed for over-eating. I found myself at once angry, resentful and apathetic, while trying to educate people about the rights of turkeys.

Needless to say I found myself dreading this day...

This year I'm just feeling grateful for a very amazing year so far. It seems like somewhere in the hearts of holiday-makers, there must have been a spark of consciousness that evolved as "Thanksgiving." For, what a truly Aquarian concept: a day devoted to gratitude and service.

This Thursday I will be celebrating GRATITUDE THURSDAY with over 100 people, eating vegetarian and vegan food, singing, laughing, playing, and meditating.

Thank you Universe! Wahe Guru!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guru's Bana

Sat Nam & Namaste!

I am embarking on another 40 Sadhana. It's not one you'll find in any yoga manual (that I know of). But it's one I've been thinking of for a little while.

For 40 days I will wear BANA as my "uniform."

Bana is a word that translates as "vocation" or "calling." And for the next 40 days I will see what it is like to wear a uniform I can show up to work for God in... so to speak.

It occurred to me that I do not have a lot of experience wearing this sort of dress—except for special occasions, and, of course, my own wedding. I'm excited to see what this practice will bring to my attention.

I except it should be a little challenging, as I usually opt for "comfy" clothing, especially during the winter months.

Here are some examples of what I mean by "bana":

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Energy—Prana

"The lifting of the veil—that's the true apocalypse." ~Luminaries

I discovered this music video last night thanks to one of my facebook friends. Facebook is like a meta-planet Earth—there is so much good information to be had, depending on who you "subscribe" to. 
In this video, Luminaries are talking about the use of the Universe's innate lifeforce energy to fuel our lives. We are at the brink of a new era in which our ONENESS becomes something tangible. The very fabric of our being is electro-magnetic. We are walking talking energy. We are fueled by prana. We are fueled by God's lifeforce. At our core, we are that very lifeforce. 

I will leave the science to people who are so gifted. I know when I tap into my "free energy" source, obstacles are removed and possibilities become obvious. An awakening is happening on this planet. Those who fight it have not yet experienced their inner Divinity. Our job is not to condemn them. Our job is to keep doing the work we are doing. 

Thank you Luminaries and Elevate Studios for this wonderful video!

In Infinite Freedom,
Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video: Akaal—Deathless

Wahe Guru

In Your name repeated
I heard the origins of sound
The sweet purity of being
off your frequencies resound

Your Name was carried
through our voice
Your height was realized
through our Faith

That in each moment we vibrate
to a Truth we cannot erase.

2 1/2-hour Meditations

Sat Nam Divine Being,

This weekend we went to Sedona for a retreat with one of my favorite teachers, Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. The theme was "Brahm Prakash"—awakening to God inside ourselves. Brahm Prakash also refers to the 4th Blue Ether, which is said to be the final "limbo layer" through which the soul passes on its way to merge with the Infinite.

In the spirit of this awakening, we did three 2 1/2-hour meditations in 2 days.

Can you probably can guess that some heavy stuff happened, right?

The meditations were not simply for our own growth and release. We came to release souls. We came to release "ghosts." That is, some souls leave the body only to be trapped by the magnetic field of this beautiful Earth. Sometimes it is because loved ones cannot let go of them, other times it is because of their own fear of letting go. We came with the message: "It's safe to go home."

Two of these mediations were done under the full moon at night—outside. It was COLD. It was uncomfortable and all the things you would imagine about being outside at night for up to three hours... sitting.

It was all these things and yet, despite the chilly sensations up my spine, the wind, the cramps in my legs, and all the thoughts going through my mind, 2 1/2 hours of meditation really does something!

Yogi Bhajan said this was the amount of time it took to alter our grey matter. I could really feel that. And as I said, even though I wasn't peacefully accepting the experience in every moment, the meditations did something to me that brought me into that peace.

It was magical. And the honor of serving all these souls was even more magical. I wrote a song about it which I will post later.

Thank you everyone who attended! I am eternally grateful!

Blessings of the Most High,
Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Poem: Weeds Are All Around

Among the weeds is where I lay that day
- as the serpent swirled up my spine.

I noticed that in decay
is where the useless went to die.

The clutter of unused objects,
the negativity in my mind,
the ways I needed to be
- it all fell down to the Earth's floor.
And there it ceased to be anymore.

The sun rays weathered the objects.
And the rain ran over my mind.
All that had seemed important, seemed as fleeting as lost time.

Those objects nourished fertile soil, and told the seeds to grow.
And with rain to wash my troubled mind, I saw new things to know.

I realized that rainy day that weeds are all around.

They are the unexpected outgrowth of what we've surrendered to the ground.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Song: "Amen"

I have been wanting a melody to "The Lord's Prayer" since I took a class at Agape last year. I ended up rewriting it completely...

O Cosmic Creator of All that is
O Cosmic Source of all vibration

Inspire us be receptive,
to create internal space where your Presence can reside

Move in us to creativity
so we can be the perfect vessels of your misson

Enlighten us that we may serve the highest good
and find solace in forgiveness

May be always remember our purpose
to illuminate the wisdom in every moment

For this infity is yours
And this experience is mine.

I am yours.
You are mine.
This is ours.
And I am thine.

From the beginning without end
forever and ever

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Cosmic Song

Sat Nam Divine Earthling,

This was the question asked at an Interfaith Event I attended last Thursday:
"How does your faith perspective help you to deal with today's current economic turndown?"


When it was time for me to answer the question my first thought was what economic "turndown" really means on a cosmic level: nothing.
No matter what, our soul is perfect and complete.
No matter what, The Cosmos is working perfectly.
To the great Cosmos, which does not deal in paper currency, neither poverty nor extreme riches matter in the least. For a human being, it is preferable to be rich for obvious reasons, but prosperity is the outcome, rather than the cause of a successful existence.

In other words, our life is fruitful not because we are rich. Rather, we can be rich (or whatever our highest standard is) because we lead a fruitful life.


A fruitful life is one that is lived working with, not in spite of, the natural flow of creative energy (a.k.a. "The Cosmos, "The Universe", or "GOD"). Most of us are on Earth to learn this one lesson:
My self-interest is not in control of the Universe!
Isn't that a relief?

Self-interest is the little "I" that thinks it is separate from all of creation. That is our ego. That is our mind. What new teachings like the law of attraction have right is that our mind is very powerful. We can create whatever we want. However, if it's not in tune with the flow of creation, it's not going to make us happy. Why? Because this is a Uni-verse. Uni = one; Verse = song. There is only one song. And we are hear to play its melody.

Imagine The Cosmos as a current of sound (which it is), like a beautiful melody. It is so loud that all of nature hears this beautiful melody and lives according to its principles. When a soul is blessed to live on Earth as a human being, it is given the most coveted luxury: Free Will. Free Will gives us the opportunity to meaningfully participate in Creation, but it also gives us the opportunity to completely forget about it as well.

Metaphorically speaking, having Free Will means we can use our life to create a harmonious melody with The Cosmos. In each action that we take, we can be so conscious of the flow of life inside us, that everything we create can serve to exhalt that flow. This is all that is meant by "Praise" or "Worship."

Having Free Will also means we can create severely bad sounding music!—metaphorically speaking of course. We can create an existence so disharmonious with the natural "music" of The Cosmos, that we no longer hear this original melody at all anymore. This makes us feel incredibly lost.


We have a beautiful responsibility as human beings on Earth. We are co-creating an ever-evolving Cosmic Song. Wow!

So, to answer the initial question posed at the Interfaith Event, I would say:
In every instant, we are taken care of. We are each Divine manifestations of the One Verse. The Cosmic Melody is playing inside us in all moments. We are never alone. We are never without. We are provided for. If you don't like the way things are... keep up and keep going. Change is the only constant.
Some many of us think the only natural  reaction to "downturn" is fear: drama, worry, and doubt. But nothing creates more disharmony with the natural flow of creation than fear. It is like sticking our hands over our ears to the Cosmic music.

How can you sing in key, when you can't hear the key? How can play in tune, when you can't hear the tune?

This is why it was so important when F.D.R. said:
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
Fear is never the solution. Usually the solution is listening.

And when we listen, we start to hear the answer in the form of the right questions. Not, "why is life so unfair", but...

"What is this situation trying to teach me? How can I react to this situation differently than I have in the past? What opportunity for growth am I being given?" 
There is an unimaginable intelligence that comes through us when we ask for help from The Cosmos.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top Three Videos on Youtube

I've had my youtube channel for a while now. I am applying to become a "partner" so I can customize the look of it and start making revenue on my videos (exciting times!). If you have a youtube account please "subscribe." The more subscriptions the more convincing my application will look to them! Blessings!

Anyway, in honor of youtube...

I was looking at my "most viewed" videos. Here are the top 3 so far. 

3rd Place - 1,972 views
"Adi Shakti"
This is one of the first compositions I made to a mantra. It is also the first one I ever performed... for Dave Stringer. Cute story for another time.

2nd Place - 2,767 views
 "Aad Guray Nameh" 
I wrote this when I first started doing Kundalini Yoga. The pronunciation is wrong. I meant well.

1st Place - 2,770 views
"Because the Night" 
This is a cover I did on the last New Year's Eve I spent in Connecticut before moving to Los Angeles in 2009. It was really fun.

Monday, October 31, 2011

"Bless the Good" at Rock~N~Flow

Saturday my friends Amber Samplin and Chris Courtney organized a yoga festival in Tempe, AZ. They asked me to play an opening "prayer" and for savasana (final relaxation). It was really fun... and REALLY hot. After the yoga class we all danced to the conscious lyrics of the Luminaries. Viva yoga!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Experience of Liberation Kriya

This is the first sadhana I ever did. I did it for 40 days.

It's interesting that Gurmukh refers to it as "Liberation Kriya." It is in the "Life Styles & Life Cycles" Level II manual as "Longevity Kriya." Perhaps liberation is the key to longevity. I probably haven't lived long enough to give testimony to its longevity effects. However, I did feel very liberated by it. It gave me the strength to say "no" to various things that I needed to let go of.

It can be painful at first, especially if you are not used to doing these sorts of strange kundalini arm exercises.

But it's worth it!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Harnam's New CD!

Let's help Harnam get his CD made! Everyone was so amazing this spring in helping Sat Darshan and me create our album. I have no doubt this project will be funded in no time!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Video: Guru Ram Das Chanting - 10/21/11

This is from Friday night. I edited down over a half hour of video into a little under 4 mins... what magic!

Devoted to What?

I really enjoyed this video by Los Angeles Yoga Teacher Tommy Rosen.

When you don't prescribe to any one religion, what is "devotion"?

In a broad sense, devotion is where you place your energy. As Tommy describes, we can be devoted to things that don't serve us, like drugs (his example), or to things that do serve us.

That which is the most important thing to us, that which takes privilege over all other things, is what we are DEVOTED TO.

What we are devoted to expands us, and expands in us. Where we place our energy determines our frequency, which will effect how we navigate through life.

In Sikhism we bow our head each day to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the writings of Awakened Saints from a variety of spiritual backgrounds. We do this because we are devoted to aligning ourselves with the frequency of this text. We desire to live our lives in alignment with our Destiny, as the vehicle through which the Cosmos can fully actualize itself.

When we bow our head we place our heart above our head. In yoga this is called "balasana" (child's pose). Regardless of what we are in front of or visualizing in that moment, this is a good place to start. Our heart is the seat of our Soul, which is the part of us that is CONTENTED and PERFECT.

Thank you Tommy for this lovely vlog!


P.S. Tommy's spiritual name, Bhagat, is in "Japji Sahib" and is written in a script called Gurmukhi.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy the Land

I can close my eyes and be lifted
to a transcendental height
Meditation has taught me well
to sail my mind like a mighty kite

I ride invisible vibrations
as I surf the Current of Sacred Sound
Watching my spirit soar above a body
that still holds firmly to the ground

I am at ease with elevation
Yet, I'm on Earth to learn to stand

And I hear it calling loudly:
"Come learn how to occupy the land."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liberated Heart

They say we are attached
At the heart
By an arc

They we are teathered
At the base
Of our own space

They say there is no me
no you
no us
no them.

And that when we talk of borders
we take the flower for its stem.

They say we never truly feel
the sense that separation can imply
We see our own light reflected
in another person's eye.

They say that commitment
that it pins you down with its dart
And yet we are each a ventricule
beating a liberated heart.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Someone Makes You Mad

I just spent an incredible weekend at "Womanheart" with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa (Healing Source) in the Arizona mountains. She has devoted her adult life to spreading the teachings of her teacher, Yogi Bhajan on Women.

Women have an amazing capacity for compassion... we also have an amazing capacity for remembering who and what has wronged us.

When I am angry I tend to complain... quite a bit. How imperfect is the person I am having issues with, how imperfect is the issue I am having issues with...

In truth, complaining is the least effective way of dealing with a situation. The last thing a dramatic situation needs is more drama. The last thing a person needs who made a mistake is to feel guiltier.

It's good to be in touch with our feelings, but it's even better not to personalize someone's "stuff" as our own. If someone just yelled at you for not walking fast enough, or not speaking clearly, or laughing when you weren't supposed to, that is an issue they are dealing with. A compassionate person understands that.

I have been working on this a lot lately. If someone does something that turns on my auto complaint button, I remember to bless them. 

Because isn't that what you would want when you're having a bad day?

Whatever it is they might be dealing with, our resentment towards them is not going to make this world a better place.  

After all, wouldn't you want someone to forgive you and bless you for the error you made?

I think so.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Words: Sin

Sat Nam friend,

As promised, I am completing my two-part blog on "Big Words" today.



If you read the Holy Bible, or go to Church, you probably hear this word quite a bit. Strangely enough, it is also a recurring word in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Sacred Sikh Text) English translation. Every time I read it it makes me wince because of the religious baggage it carries.

My favorite description of "sin" was given to me by a Christian Mystic friend of mine. He said that sin was simply "when we forget that we are one with God." In this sense, when the Bible talks about "original sin", it can be understood as the gradual.onset of "forgetting where we came from."

Indeed, when a child is born, he/she gradually develops a deeper awareness of the physical world and forgets the feeling of Oneness with God. Baby is no longer a soul in the ethers, merged with the Eternal One. Baby has hands and toes and a mother and a father. Baby forgets ORIGIN.

In Sikhism, sin is translated from the words avgan (or weakness), bikh (or poison), vikaar (or evil), among others. Much like my friend's awareness of the concept of sin, in Sikhism, the only "evil", or "poison", or "weakness" that is worth mentioning is forgetting God.

And by this definition, we are all "guilty" of being "sinners" several times a day. 

However, God does not convict us, or label us. We do that ourselves. Rather than labeling our actions as "sinful", or "wicked", or even "evil", let's recognize our stumbles as necessary lessons along the way.

The beauty of our forgetfulness (read: sin) is that once we become aware of it, it no longer exists. We can only be forgetful so long as we do not acknowledge or align with our origin. Once we choose to redeem ourselves (by remembering), we are "saved."

And we can do that by the simple process of changing our mind... several times a day.

So, again. Meditation is the key.

I may seem like a broken record. But. It's the only thing that will do it. Because it's not our soul that we need to change. It's our mind. Our mind is what keeps us unaligned with our purest Origin. It's not it's fault either. It gets distracted. So we must have a practice to re-orient it.

Otherwise. You will be a broken record of forgetfulness. And, labels aside, it just doesn't feel good to be a sinner (read: forgetful unaligned person).

Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Words: Karma

Hi there friend,

One of the projects I've been working on for the past few months is a recording for It involves recording my voice reading the Sacred Sikh Text, called the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The goal was to have a full recording of the 1,400 page text in English, in a woman's voice.

This has been one of the most challenging projects I've ever undertaken. This is likely because the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, rather than a database for facts and stories to remember about one's religious heritage, is a vibration that aligns us with the frequency of Enlightenment. And if Enlightenment were a fingersnap away, we'd all be floating!

The way I feel when I get the frequency of the SGGS vibrating in me is an amazing experience. It's not so much about the meaning of the words, as it is about "giving them life as sound." This is especially true when it's read in the original Gurmukhi.

Despite the fact that meaning is not totally of the essence, I still find myself reading certain passages about sin and punishment that seem to contradict the Sikh teachings. (Note: Reading the SGGS is not restricted to Sikhs. Anyone can read it as a meditative exercise.)

I realized that in some ways the translation I am reading, which is comparatively modern, still assumes a little background understanding into two very big words: Karma and Sin. So I'm going to share what I think these very loaded words mean. I will tackle karma in today's blog, and sin, I will do later.


Karma is a word that we throw around a lot these days to describe our concept of "what comes around goes around." I've been watching reruns of a show called "My Name Is Earl" recently where a man makes a list of everything bad he's ever done and tries to fix it all so he stays on karma's good side. It's a funny concept, but of course, it's a shallow understanding of the way things work.

Karma is not punishment, even though it may feel like it. The way most people handle karma is a bit like planting sunflower seeds in your garden with the expectation of gathering up tomatoes in the summer. That's just not what you planted!

Karma is an action that is incomplete. Leaving your wife while she's 3 months pregnant means some day (whether in this life or the next) you will have to deal with an angry wife and child.

But karma only continues as long as things are left incomplete. "My Name Is Earl" is actually quite brilliant in a sense because the writers understood that one antidote to an incomplete action is forgiveness. Whether or not Earl can rectify the situation or not, he only crosses an item off his list when the person he's wronged forgives him.

Where there is forgiveness, there is no blocked energy. Without blocked energy (read: incomplete action or thought), you cannot create karma.

Meditation is our most important tool for clearing karmic debts. Avoiding the creation of more karma is the ideal, which can be accomplished through conscious action and thought. Meditation helps with this too.

So, when the SGGS, or any spiritual text for that matter, talks about karma, or God coming down and smiting you, understand that the Universe is not vindictive. As Guru Nanak said, God is "Nirvair" - without revenge. If you are experiencing something unpleasant, look at the steps you took to get there.

Nothing is mysterious when you look at it through the concept of karma. Everything is being given to you as an opportunity to complete what you started. We want to leave with as little baggage as possible when we die.

Sirgun Kaur Khalsa

Monday, September 19, 2011

So Purkh... Blessing the Men!

Tomorrow night I will be teaching my first "special event" at Yoga Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ. 

We will begin at 7pm. I'll tell my personal story of doing this meditation, go over pronunciation, meaning, uses, and then... we'll actually experience this powerful meditation!

This workshop is for men and women alike. The Siri Singh Sahib recommended the meditation for women since we are oh so powerful. But men are most welcome and can use the practice to elevate themselves!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So much to be grateful for on this Tues-DAY.

1. I am home after an amazing weekend at Bhakti Fest.

2. My house is clean and the laundry is done and folded!

3. It was only 77F this morning in Phoenix! Bring on the cold!

4. I listened to Amarjit's "Daily Banis."

5. I spent 2 hours on the phone with one of my favorite people whom I rarely get to speak with.

6. I finished Volume II of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in our Sahej Path.

7. I wrote new music today.

What are you grateful for?


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ascended Company

You would like to see me fail
but I will pass this test
I will not fold and meekly bend
under-slept and stressed

I will not ignore the hoops you throw
I will choose to walk around
Silently blessing and thanking you
for the chance to stand my ground

I will not cry for I understand
you need to prove you're right
And so you seek an audience
when you throw sawdust on your Light

In cowardice you challenge me
to rethink my lofty sights
I demand ascended company
I do not fear ecstatic heights

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Many think a miracle is too good to be real
too sweet an event for this world to reveal
like a magical hand that saves us from storms
protecting us from pain in its various forms

Many would say miracles happened only to some
who were lucky, or favored, or had in some way won
a life-medal handed to a rare select few
who had proven their actions and goodness were true

But I know that miracles slip in every day
when energy moves and invites me to play
when something was dormant and then comes alive
too brilliant or perfect for me to contrive

I know that miracles travel on my breath
and move me to clear out the depths of my depth
and light up a path to show me new ways
not to mistake the sun for its rays

So when the uninvited come knocking at my door
I know from experience
-- a miracle is in store.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where You Start

Be you very little
Be you very tall
Be you very soft-spoken
Watch the stars still fall!

Be you very rich
Be you very wise
Be you very happy
Watch the sun still rise!

Close your eyes to see
the world from far away
The vast expanse of smallness
in the One celestial play

Close your eyes to touch
the world inside your heart
Touch the truth containing you
Where you stand is where you start.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

God Is On Your Side

The sun is not a living proof that what you did was good
nor is the rain a sign to say you didn't do, but should

The pain you felt was not a way to atone for your mistep
Nor was that smile a way to say you need not have wept

There will be bumps and bridges
and winds you did not expect

But if your sail is mighty swift
you will catch them and not get wet

There is no gift or punishment
just foam stirred by the tide

Drowning cannot divert This Love
God is always on your side

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Soul Sings of Commitment

My New Year's Resolution was to read Japji ("Song of the Soul") every morning for the rest of the year (and beyond). A few weeks later I began a 40-day Amrit Vela sadhana, so I was waking up at 3:00am every morning (no matter what!), reciting Japji, warming up my body with 15 sun salutations, and then doing my bound lotus practice. I also added a 40-day mung beans and rice mono-diet in there just for karma points.

My real New Year's Resolution though was to get married. This was a bizarre declaration I made to myself considering I wasn't dating anyone at the time. I wasn't even interested in anyone. And yet my husband came along... we got married last month.

I didn't consider the link between my sadhana and my marriage until very recently.

In retrospect, I realized that what I was doing with this MAHA SADHANA ("maha" means great, "sadhana" means daily practice) was sending a very clear message to the Universe: "I am ready to commit." In fact, I changed my frequency to be in alignment with commitment. No one told me to do this, I was Divinely inspired.

When we commit to something that serves our highest good, we choose faith over doubt. We choose to ignore our neurotic minds. We choose to go back to our mats (or sheepskins) each day and reassert our commitment to our own soul.

I am so grateful I knew to do this. I am so grateful for the beautiful Sound Current of Japji, which gave me the roots to grow into Love.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Altitude, Aptitude, Gratitude

Today I stuffed a bazillion and a half envelopes full of CDs to send to people who supported our new album, The Music Within.

As I was stuffing, and writing, and checking names off my list, I remembered just how many hands were involved in the making of our CD. Thanks to the grace of the internet, we were all able to join forces to create this music. And now our music is being sent all over the globe to various yogis and friends...

How incredible. Hooray for the internet. Hooray for the Aquarian Age of inter-connectivity.

Yesterday we celebrated our "Independence." Today I celebrate our INTER-Dependence.

Bless you,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from Solstice

I am back from Solstice and ready to blog!

A lot has happened...

I finished my CD, I got married, I moved to Arizona... it's 110 degrees here!

Talk to you later I promise!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Approaching Sky

When you're looking to the skyline
the mountain top seems clear
yet having toiled to reach that height
Heaven's still not near

The sky has jumped another step
there's still a peak to climb
and the place you stand,
where you thought to rest
was not the finish line

There is still a peak beyond the reach
of the highest of the high
Our aim is not to aim and land
as we keep approaching sky

There is still a distance far beyond
what we can see before we know
and we want to settle in each time
yet we are pushed grow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kicking Success!

We successfully raised $4,329 through our kickstarter campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who got involved. I am awe-stricken by what can happen when community takes action. Imagine what else we could accomplish with this kind of team work!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guru Ram Das "Thank you!"

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far to our kickstarter! We are almost there... only 3 more days to go!

Love & Blessings,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A HUG for You!

We have now raised $3,312!!!! Only $688 to go!

That calls for more hugs!

"Thank You" Dance

Your generosity makes us silly! (In all fairness, we can't totally blame you for our mild insanity).

Sirgun (& Sat Darshan of course)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Growing Pains

I will sometimes step on eggshells
having thought they had been swept
under rugs and four-post beds at night
It turns out they never left

They will break the skin no matter
whether or not I say that they are real
even though the skin is harder
when my foot lands on its heal

And I could grow the callus tougher
to cover the softest skin
It wouldn't change the difference
between what's outside and what's within

I shall sweep the eggshells briskly
and throw them to the rains
Watch them feed the soil
as they outgrow their growing pains

I shall wish them fairest weather
knowing mine to be clear skies
at least as far as weather
keeps salt water from my eyes.

You get a hug!

We've raised $2,225 of the $4,000 we need! That calls for a hug!

Our kickstarter project expires on May 6th. Keep spreading the word.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Kicking and Starting

Sat Darshan and I have decided to raise funds for our album through kickstarter. The minimun donation is $1, so everyone can get involved. We came up with some cool prizes to give out to our "backers." Every dollar goes towards paying our musicians, "mastering" the album, manufacturing 1,000 copies of the CD, and other important costs incurred when making a CD.

Thank you for being a part of our project!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meditation for Atomic Radiation

Sat Darshan and I made a track to help people do the Meditation for Atomic Radiation.

Read all about it on (and listen as well!) on Spirit Voyage!


Saturday, March 19, 2011


when the ant was shaken and thrown aside
and her home was crushed and her family died
off she brushed the dirt and the dust
rebuilding her home because she must

when the fish was caught and put on a plate
she did not curse the hook or the bait
she writhed and squirmed till she just let it be
and in her last breath she was set gloriously free

when the child fell quickly, bumping her head
giggling and jumping for joy on her bed
the tears she cried soon faded away
she grew to laugh, love, nurture and play

and when we are stirred and struck by a blow
let us rise above our pain and our woe
rebuilding, forgiving, trusting we know
our own dignity, our own power
that we may rebuild and resow

let us stand firmly in our God-granted right
to light candles for others that they may feel their own light
let us send healing and do all that we can
to secure the unbroken unity of man.

"Bliss" Video from Cherry Blossom

Sat Darshan made this beautiful video (with some edits by yours truly) from last Thursday at Cherry Blossom Yoga in NYC. I'm so glad he was able to record the audio through his mixer so the sound is really good!

I filmed with my camera and was able to catch Hari Kaur Khalsa's Celestial Communication. It was awesome that she stepped up to the plate like that... it wasn't planned.

Adarsh Kaur Khalsa will be leading the CC when we do it at Bhakti Fest. It adds a really magical element to the chanting.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday Night @ Cherry Blossom Yoga

Sat Nam,

This is where we will be on Thursday night @ 7pm. I hope you can come chant with us in Manhattan!

Molto blessings,

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dusty Words

Words can get dusty
when overly used

And meanings
-- once clear --
are sometimes confused

with the previous meanings
in which they took shape

But now that we've dusted
they get to escape.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poem: The Miracle

If you can be patient and sit very still
you will catch the miracle.

If you can surrender, tame your teetering will
you will catch the miracle.

If you can dare trust beyond limited sight
Guided by Brilliance that has never known night
You will catch the miracle.

If you can allow your thoughts to subside
A gap between questions
narrow or wide
You will catch the miracle.

If you can ignite the hearth in your heart
and welcome the Guest from whom you are never apart.

You will catch the miracle.

Now start.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poem: Now I Do

I didn't understand
looking up
that you were taller
but not more grown-up

I didn't understand
each time
you took your leave
mid nursery-rhyme

I didn't understand
you see
that you weren't crying
because of me

I didn't know
the years you'd lived
the things they took
and the parts that lived

I didn't know
up until now
that messes
could be OK somehow

I didn't know
but now I do
that in freeing me
I freed you too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poem: Dance Lessons

For every misstep and stumble
Love provides a second chance
to remember that the drama
is an opportunity to a dance

For every misperception
depth can come in the next glance
And if we want we can reclaim it
as an opportunity to a dance

When hearts are kept in secret places
locked with keys they try to hide
Love will soon get very loud
to draw the heart outside.

Video: How to Practice Bhakti

This is a video I made from last Saturday for the Pre-Bhakti Fest and Stay Strong Project Release Party. Thank you David Newman (Durga Das), Mira, Philippo Franchini, Mas Vidal, Govindas, and all the Yogis at Bhakti Yoga Shala!

Stay strong and keep your faith alive,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whatever Knocks

At times it's hard to open
for fear the door might creak
It's hard to imagine a melody
come to replace a familiar shriek

At times it's hard to open
for fear there is a mess
lurking behind the door frame
too painful to address

And some might feel it's worth the investment
in extra lumber, in extra locks
Yet I've found I'm better off when I answer whatever knocks

It could take a thousand words to express the way you feel
Or an instant in alignment with the omnipotent and real

It could take a thousand kisses to mitigate one scratch
Or one moment of awareness that only Love can last

It could take a thousand hammers on a house to let you in
Or a gentle hand directing the doorknob from within

Recent Blogs for Spirit Voyage

In case you were wondering where I've been... I've been on Spirit Voyage blog. I've been asked to contribute blogs once a week, so I haven't been as present on my own blog this past week or so. I invite you to check the following articles out. It's a lot of fun to be speaking to a larger audience!

Vlog & Blog on "What is Bhakti?"


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


... is expansion of heart, of head, of mind
It is growing in every instant, yet impervious to time

It is a huge enormous bubble of breath I didn't take
while I was holding it, anticipating the moment I'd awake

It is a mistake, I think, to wonder when this soaring lightness will drop
Gravity may be a force of nature, but my excitement, I'm glad to say, is not!

Friday, January 21, 2011


when the water is calm and quiet
you hear what's in your head
you hear the trail of breadcrumbs
leading to your bed

you can hear the "no" you should have said.

when the water is calm and quiet
you hear what's still upset
you hear the crying heart
as loud as cries can get

and you can remember the desert, before the wet.

but courage is in swimming
up placid lakes and streams
where nothing comes to dampen
the sound of inner-screams

and courage is in swimming
through the sharks you try to hide

love is the accepting
of what's been submerged inside

while you may always know that story
your biography through scars
there are no more sharks connecting the lines between your stars.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Am Bliss, I Am Testing

Sat Naam,

I recently made two new videos as tests. I'm making an album this spring and I want to hear what things sound like before I record. I am definitely putting "Bliss" on the CD. "Nirankaar" needs a little tweaking... or will possibly be left out. I have a lot more to choose from. ;)

"I am the light of my soul" is a mantra written by Yogi Bhajan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Have a Dream...

Last night in Guru Singh's benefit yoga class for Y.O.G.A. for Youth, he talked about dreaming, in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Guru Singh explained that MLK had been such a powerful force because he didn't have a back-up plan. He was going to non-violent, and if that didn't work, he was still going to be non-violent. If you only have a Plan A (no Plan B or C), our teacher reasoned, you have 100% chance of success... there's no other option!

MLK was not afraid to dream. In fact, he spoke in front of an entire nation and told everyone about his dreams! Furthermore, Guru Singh explained, when MLK dreamt, he thought about a legacy. They weren't just passing passions. His dreams endured, influencing our society for decades to come.

It made me think about the bigger picture of why I want the things I want. In other words, how will humanity benefit from my dreams? It is a lot easier to dream "big" when millions of other people will benefit from it, not just me.

It inspired me to write my own "I have a dream" speech. Here goes.
  1. I have a dream that one day all human beings will be self-realized and happy.
  2. I have a dream that all human beings will live in a continuous experience of their connection to Infinity, to God.
  3. I have a dream that we will live in a world of spiritual warriors, prepared to demolish anger, fear, and doubt, inside and out.
  4. I have a dream that all parents will love and support their child's purpose on Earth, no matter what it is.
  5. I have a dream that all human beings will make decisions guided by their intuition and inner-light.
  6. I have a dream that no one will ever know lack.
And a little more focused...
  1. I dream of spreading the Sacred Sound Current, uplifting people all over the world.
  2. I dream of teaching children of all cultures that they are here on purpose, and how to connect their mind-body-soul towards fulfilling that purpose.
  3. I dream of inspiring people to be courageous in the face of their personal growth, especially where it concerns releasing past traumas.
  4. I dream of having abundant resources to funnel into various foundations that help children, women, and anyone who has forgotten their purpose.
When I put it this way to myself, my dream didn't seem so selfish. In fast, a lot of people's lives depended on me accomplishing these things. I realized I didn't want to be successful for success' sake. I wanted to be successful, because it would create a higher platform from which I could serve.

I highly encourage you to write a dream speech. It will make your dreams much more important. And they are very important!

Much love,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away NOW

Does it sometimes feel irresponsible to give away your money in tough times, even though the law of abundance tells us we have to give in order to receive? It occurred to me that something we can all feel comfortable giving away right now is our blessing.

After all, we have an unlimited supply, and there is no risk involved. And hopefully, when we see the "return" on our blessing investment, we will feel more comfortable giving other things out freely.

:: Here's why I'm saying this...

The other night my friend told me how unsupportive her mother is of her lifestyle. It made me sad that she would have to go through that. I think sometimes the people we love most get scared that we change we will grow apart from them.

It’s hard for me to imagine parents that accept their children conditionally. Although some passages have been rough between me and my parents, given their track record, I know they will always come around in the end. As long as I am happy, my parents will be happy for me.

Anyway, we switched topics and I started talking about how I really wanted to go to India this year. She said she would add that to her prayers. Immediately I felt this sense of relief, like she was taking care of me. It almost felt like she was putting spiritual “money” in a bank account for me. It struck me that this was the kind of donation everyone could afford.

My first instict was to ask her what I should pray for her about, and she said: “that my mother can be at peace with who I am.” Of course, I accepted.

So now we are prayer buddies. Every night I pray that my friend’s mother can see the beauty of her daughter’s commitment to her spiritual practice. Every night she prays that the Universe conspires to send me to India.

It made me think of expanding this to a larger scale. Will you join me in teaming up with your friends and supporting each other through the power of your focused thoughts and words?

It will be fun to see what happens with all the prayers going around. I anticipate that taking a little time out of our day to conciously think about, and bless, someone else will be a growing experience for all involved!

Who’s with me?

If you decide to do this, I’d love to hear what you and your partner are praying for, and what you notice as a result.


New Years Eve at Kundalini Yoga East

And another video! I love working with Sat Darshan! He mixes the audio separately. So fancy!

That evening was so amazing. Chanting in the New Year is definitely the way to go. The past few New Year's Eves I have spent watching movies and realizing after the fact that it had already changed days. At Golden Bridge (where we all went after this workshop), Siri Sat struck the gong at midnight while Gurunam was leading us in his version of "Aad Guray Nameh." Then we had Indian Food and spicy chai. Mmmm.

It had a been a while since I had been up until 3am. Usually, if I'm up at that hour it's after I've slept!

Anyway, enjoy!

Blessings and love,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gobinday Mukanday

So excited about this video I made with my friend Sat Darshan as a promo for his newest album... coming out this spring!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogging with Spirit!

If you are a member of the Kundalini Yoga community, you may have seen some of my posts on the Spirit Voyage Blog this past week.

They've published two so far:

I'm really excited to be sharing my posts with more people. They have lots of other great blog posts as well. And if you are a Snatam Kaur fan, catch a one-hour interview by Ramdesh this afternoon at 5pm EST. >>more info.

Wahe Guru!

Many blessings,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeling Blue?

Winter is a time when our outer environs seem to be telling us to slow down. It's colder, quieter, and darker outside, which can manifest as "the blues" inside.

I thought I would share a few tools that help me to stay in good spirits in any kind of weather. This list is by no means exhaustive. These are the things that work for me, so feel free to make more suggestions.

1. Activate Your Internal Fire:
In the winter everything slows down, including our digestion. For one thing, we are getting less exercise, especially if we live in extreme climates where snow is keeping us indoors. I find when my digestion gets slower, my mood gets lower. When my digestive fire is lit, it significantly improves my mood. It also reminds me that the way I feel originates inside me, not from the weather!

a) Before eating breakfast, do a yoga set that stimulates digestion (try: "Apana Kriya").
b) Before eating breakfast, do breath of fire for an extended period of time (3-31 minutes). This will also warm you up before you go outside.
c) Before eating breakfast, do some spinal twists--either supine or seated. Twisting your body at the core squeezes out toxins from your internal organs, making room for fresh blood and more efficient digestion. Very invigorating!
c) Start your morning off with fresh ginger tea (this is an easy recipe).
d) Eat light, and not right before going to bed. Yogi Bhajan said to stop eating by 4pm. If this isn't possible, give yourself at least a few hours to digest your food before going to sleep. You will wake up a lot happier.
e) Licorice is my new best friend. You can drink it as a tea. And as "candy" (I buy natural licorice from my health food store), it makes a good substitute for heavier desserts.
2. Let the Energy Rise
Our spine is like a straw, and our kundalini energy is like the nourishing drink we sip. If we keep sipping from a clogged straw, we are bound to feel thirsty. Similarly, if the energy at the base of our spine cannot move up, we will start to feel tired and sad.

a) Catch yourself slouching and remind yourself to sit up straight. Don't be a bent straw!
b) The "Basic Spinal Energy Series" (from Sadhana Guidelines) is a fast and effective pick-me-up. You can do it upon waking or any time during the day when you stomach is relatively empty. It wakes me up like nothing else.

3. Activate Your Blue
It is interesting that we call it "the blues" and that blue is associated with the fifth chakra, our throat center. Opening up the fifth chakra through chanting is a fantastic way to get the energy moving in our body and lift our spirits. There are two mantras that I use a lot for this purpose. Sing them at the top of your lungs for as long as necessary. You can even listen while you sleep.

a) Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gur Prasaad Sat Gur Prasaad Ek Ong Kaar (click for more info), known as the "magic mantra." Five repetitions reverses a negative thought pattern.
b) Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru (click for more info), known as the miracle mantra. This is a good one to chant if you are worried about something. Ask the sacred energy of Guru Ram Das to come to the rescue. There is no request too small or too large.

4) Dance in Your Living Room
A great way to get over a bad mood is to dance around like no one is watching. Your living room is a great place to blast some high vibrational music and dance your cares away. As the African proverb goes: "When you pray, move your feet."

5) Give Yourself Permission to Be Sad
Our feelings can be our best teacher. We are often told to "get over it," but sometimes it is useful to simply observe the way we are feeling, without wallowing or feeling sorry for ourselves. It can be healing to simply accept the way you are, and love yourself regardless. I find I am able to "get over" something much quicker without the extra stress of cursing myself for feeling the way I do.

I hope some of these suggestions help you through the winter season. May you appreciate the natural beauty that this season brings, without internalizing the cold.



I met Genevieve first as a client, then as a teacher, and now as a guest...  Cute example of the malleable roles we take on for one another,...

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