Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Other 50%

Sat Naam,

Today we accomplished something I cannot fully fathom: over half my new album campaign is now successfully funded!!!!

Funded, I might add, by the contributions of people who have heard my voice, trusted my intention, and have so generously offered to be a part of this endeavor.

Not only that...

Funded, by the prayers, faith, and encouragement of all the people who believe in this project.

The power of the human spirit to call forth the seemingly impossible is miraculous. Wahe Guru!


The hardest part about all this for me was overcoming my doubts.

Dare I ask for this much assistance?

$15,000 is not a small sum for me.

Being a musician, a lot seems to boil down to: is this really useful?

In other professions, the answer is quite a bit more obvious. Yes, learning to suture a wound is useful, oh doctor. Yes, fixing our toilet is useful, oh plumber. Yes, making dinner is useful, oh chef.

Can music be useful?

To be honest, that is the main reason my heart is so committed to devotional chant. Simply put, I believe it is useful. I see the healing taking place in myself when I sing it. I hear the feedback. I read the thank you notes.

It isn't just an indulgent use of my God-given ability to sing, or an opportunity to put all my neurotic thoughts to melody. This kind of music can be a service to others.

That's why I admire all those who do this professionally.

And that's why I think the world needs more chant artists.


The world needs to open up and chant!

Anyway, that's my POV.

Thank you so so so so so much!

Here's a thank you video to those who claimed it as a "reward" on my website. I am sending you so much gratitude! I hope your world sparkles with the same abundance you have provided!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Sing Out!

The most excellent thing about devotional chant is that it is INCLUSIVE. Either call-response or sing-along. We are all in it together... which is why it seems very natural to ask people to participate from the beginning of the album process.

If you'd like to participate in creating the new album, here are 3 ways you do that:

1) Pre-purchase the new album on my website

 2) "Join" and "Invite Friends" to my facebook event

 3) "Like" my facebook fan page

Thank you for singing along!



Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Going to Take a Village

As of last night, my new album campaign is 42% complete! Want to participate?

It's going to take a village to make this album!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ung Sung Wahe Guru

This mantra means...

every cell in my being vibrates to the frequency of God


every cell in my being vibrates with Divine Love


everything is awesome!

I love this mantra. 


Friday, November 2, 2012

Spirit Voyage is Spreading the Word!

{This article was first published on Spirit Voyage Blog, 11/2/12. Written by Sirgun Kaur.} 
Sat Naam Spirit Voyager,
My name is Sirgun Kaur. Last year, I recorded a collaborative album with my friend Sat Darshan Singh called The Music Within. For Summer 2013, my dream is to release my first solo album of sweet, fun, and uplifting mantra melodies.
And it’s going to take a whole kirtan-loving village to make it happen!
We have already started recording and have completed 32% of the funding, thanks to independent contributions from people like you!Find out how you can get involved here.
A Little Background... or “Why Record My Music?”
The power of recorded music is almost unfathomable. For example, while my touring was restricted to the West Coast and Southwest of the USA this year, my voice got to travel the world! If you attended a White Tantric Yoga event in 2011-2012, you probably heard my version of “I Am the Light of My Soul” (or “Bliss”) being played during the breaks. When Sat Darshan Singh and I recorded our album last year, we had no idea this track would tour more than we did.
That’s the beauty of an album: it exists beyond the time and space in which it was created. It is boundless and limitless—like our true nature—able to travel the world in a second, without need for a passport, plane ticket, or visa.
Yogi Bhajan often spoke about the importance of leaving a legacy behind us. Experiencing the powerful effects of Kundalini Yoga mantras each time I lead kirtan continually reinforces my desire to leave behind a legacy of healing recorded music.
Introducing Ram Dass—Producer Extraordinaire
For this reason, I have just started recording my first solo kirtan album with Ram Dass Khalsa. If you heard Nirinjan Kaur’s new CD “Prem Siri”, you have heard his work. Other album credits include Prabhu Nam’s Seasons of the Soul,” as well as his own masterpiece, “The Alchemists Prayer.” He is also producing Snatam Kaur’s long-awaited children’s album—to be released soon.
My album will be a combination of meditative mantras and songs, mostly from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, with the exception of one song that I wrote based on The Lord's Prayer called “Amen.”
How Co-Creation Works
Because recording is a costly affair, I love the idea of making it a community event. People who would purchase the CD anyway have an opportunity to be actively involved in its creation from the start. You can pre-purchase the album for just $11, and participate for as little as $1. Any amount is meaningful in bringing this music to life.
For greater contributions, there are greater rewards—including the opportunity to be listed as a co-, senior-, or executive- producer of the album! Some other “rewards” include a song written for you, long-distance Reiki treatments, an invitation to the first listening party, stickers, and so much more!
5 Reasons to Participate
1. You’ll be actively involved in the creation of this album, not just a listener!
2. If you choose the advance digital download, you’ll get the album before it’s official release! (You can select this option at any reward level—just let me know you prefer mp3)
3. I will list you as a “contributor” on my website for contributing any amount over $1!
4. Yogi’s Law: Giving increases prosperity!
5. You’ll have bragging rights for years: “I co-created that album!”
Thank you for reading and for considering being part of this project!
Many blessings,
The Music Within by Sat Darshan Singh and Sirgun Kaur

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dusting Off the Soul

In my spiritual path of Sikhism there is a notion that to be truly "clean" is an act of remembrance, not just of personal hygiene.

When we remember who we are, the "dirt" of conventions, popular opinion, judgement, etc. does not cling to us... or at least it becomes easier to wipe off.

This remembrance is something we can always come back to when things get hectic. There are so many opportunities in our day when we can forget that we are made of God, that we come from God, and that we are One with God.

One of the best ways to remember is to chant!

We can resonate such beautiful sound inside the hollows of our body. It makes ripples in the water we are made of. It changes the frequency of our though patterns. We become lighter and more sensitive to the space between the space—the ether.

Music is so amazing. So amazing. So amazing.

I remember this each time I sing.




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