Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Asking for Help

A man just shared this video with me after contributing to my New Album FUNdraising Campaign

It really hit home because, like Amanda Palmer, I am asking for your help. "You" being not just a generic YOU, but a YOU who has enjoyed my music in the past... or who has just discovered that they enjoy it. 

Being that I am a devotional chant artist, I suspect that this "YOU" will be a select number of people. However, being that this is the internet, a select group of people can still be thousands, millions, or even billions of people. Why not?

Anyway, the way this works is that making a CD is expensive, so I ask YOU (again, the select YOU) to buy the CD before it's done so I can pay to make it.

It's a short-term investment, if you will.

 I'll give you your CD this summer once it's completed.

Besides pre-purchasing the CD, there are other ways to make bigger contributions and get fun prizes in return.

I really like doing my FUNdraising this way because it gets everyone involved in this music project.

For more info, check out the pages dedicated to this on my website:

Thanks for considering this,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nature's Intelligence

Just when you think your heart is full... something comes to expand it even more.

On February 11, I delivered a baby boy into this world!

Beyond the amazing amount of work that no one could have ever successfully prepared me for, a baby is certainly a MIRACLE of Nature.

For reasons much more obvious to me now, Nature is usually referred to as a woman: MOTHER NATURE.

Before I went through this incredible process, I had some conceptual understanding of how wonderous the female body is, but now I am in total awe.

I mean, my body knew to make 10 fingers, 10 toes, a perfect little nose... ears... not to mention all the other features of his body I can't even see, which seem to be functioning perfectly.

When I think about the 9 months of mysterious growth happening inside my uterus, I am humbled by Nature's intelligence.

What amazing things we are capable of as women. Wah!



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