Sunday, July 14, 2013

Embracing It

Having a child is bringing up a lot of things from my own childhood. I expected this. When I taught children's yoga, this happened a lot too. I was grateful for it then because I felt it was preparing me for having my own children. It's a grand purification...


Before there is clean, there is dirty.

The mind is a messy place. There is so much there. So much that we are aware of, but so much more that we bury, or that we didn't even notice we kept there in the first place. The Grand Subconscious. The Even Grander Unconscious.

The thing about Western psychology is that it is the study of how interesting this mess is. I recently read an article in Scientific American that had evidence that talking about our problems actually makes them bigger. Because the more we discuss the past the more it plays through our mind and gets reinvented. Our memories are actually not that good. We re-invent the past each time to talk about it. In other words, talk therapy can make our issues worse.

I grew up on a lot of talk.

On the one hand, it made me incredibly adept at identifying my feelings. I think it's important to be able to articulate what is bothering us. On the other hand, it made me create stories about why I am the way I am and who to blame for it.

So: not healthy.

Now that I am raising a son, I see things in myself that I don't like. And the blame rises.


I'm finding that the best way to deal with this is to embrace it.

There are reasons behind the way I am. That is my journey. I'm realizing that everyone in my life is and has been a fallible human being—just like me.

Being a mom is helping me forgive my mother. And watching my husband be a new dad is helping me forgive my father.

And watching my son—this HUGE soul in this TINY body—trying to navigate this crazy world, is teaching me about my own journey through life.

:: KARMA ::

I believe we come into this life with a lot of baggage to clear. By God's Grace, we get to shed some of it before we make our way out. This takes a lot of work, and the ability to forgive.

Because without forgiveness, we just collect more and more baggage. More and more subconscious junk, which colors everything we do without us realizing it. And then we create more junk.

In yogic terms, KARMA.

The first step is forgiving myself.

This journey of being a mother is like the fast track to clearing or accumulating more karma. There is another soul on the line. And I have to be very mindful.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's (A)live!!!

My new album, The Cosmic Gift, is now available to purchase and download!

It feels so good to release it into the world... what a labor of love.

It is 8 tracks long, mantra-rich, replete with beautiful melodies and harmonies, adorned with sweet string parts, caressed by woodwinds, upheld by drums and hand percussion, and all put together by the talented Ram Dass Khalsa... by the grace of Guru Ram Dass and everyone who helped make it a reality by pre-purchasing and donating to it!

I feel so blessed to have been able to do this.

I hope you enjoy it!



P.S. Here is a list of all the wonderful people who helped make this happen. There was not a moment of making this that I was not grateful to YOU for your support... For, without it, it would not have been possible.

Abhai Raj Singh & Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa, Bryan Baughman, Julio Andujar, Devi Bhaktananda, Nicole Coyle, Crown of Eternity—Harnek Singh & Kaur, Lisa Freund, Geri Garrett, Christina Glavas, Mary Green, Humble Monkey Yoga, Gagandeep Kaur, Harsukh Kaur, Jaslaen Kaur, Joti Kaur, Harpal Kaur Khalsa, Sat Darshan Singh Khalsa, SatKirin Kaur Khalsa, Tapasyogi Nandhi, Debbie Oliver, Isabelle Pierre-Emile, McKenzie Reed Van Meel, Dr. Karen Rowe, Tiera Rozman—Yoga on Central, Scott & Amber Samplin, Jerry & Pamela Singer, Hari Sangat Singh, Peter Sklivas—Yoga Passion, Donna Swan, Dave & Kathee Walters, Cathy Anderson, John Apt, Allison Austin, Wendy M. Barton, Valerie Bechteler, Paula Becker, Sherry Berger, Catherine Boyer, Sandra Brazeau, Sumr Soudi Breeze, Sheela Bringi, Crystelle Brown, Lisa Bucciarelli, Christiane Bulley, Sangeet Kaur Chana, Denise Cobo (Harchand Kaur), Nancy Cole, Connie Corley, Chris Courtney, Bob Dahlstrom, Cheryl Davis, Pamela Davis, Leita DeRouen, Jo Downer, Cypress Dubin-Snyder, Chrissy Fenzau, Anne Finnan, Anne Fresia, Sarah Garney, Anthea Gaupner, Debra Gehrke, J A Gelabert Sampol, Alana Gentry, Nora Gluck, Rochelle Goehring, Susan Gold, Andrea Meisner Gottleib, Tara Grady, Audrey Hannah, Byron Hamby, Harnam, Tua Hua, Jennie Hyland, Marc Kaplan, Tosh Kara, Esther Katzman, Amar Atma Kaur, Arjun Deva Kaur, Jai Kirti Kaur, Jot Prakash Kaur, Karampal Kaur, Kehar Kaur, Kewal Kaur (Cat), LivNam Kaur, Mandeep Kaur, Nihal Kaur, Paramliv Kaur, Pearljeet Kaur, Ram Das Kaur (Julie), Ram Rung Kaur, Sampuran Kaur, Satgurprasad Kaur, Sirgun Kaur (Powers), Siri Baldeep Kaur, Sirikar Kaur, Carrie Kepler, Adarsh Kaur Khalsa, Ajeet Kaur Khalsa, Amar Khalsa, Daljit Singh Khalsa, Dev Suroop Singh Khalsa, Dhyan Kaur Khalsa, Fatehpal Kaur Khalsa, Ghansham Singh Khalsa, GuruMeher Singh Khalsa, Guru Prem Singh Khalsa, Guru Singh Khalsa, Hari-Mander Singh Khalsa, Himmat Singh Khalsa, Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Kewal Kaur Khalsa, Meher Kaur Khalsa, Namjeev Kaur Khalsa, Sahib-Amar Khalsa, Sant Kaur Khalsa, Sant Singh Khalsa, Sarv Karta Khalsa, Sat Darshan Khalsa, Sat Kartar Khalsa, Sat Kaur Khalsa, Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa, Simran Kaur Khalsa, Simrit Kaur Khalsa, Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa, Dr. Sham Rung Khalsa, Sharon Korchowsky, Veronica Krestow, Laura Langlois-Myers, Paula Leeper, Michelle Lombardo, Courtney Long, Windy Lyle, Lenore Lyons, Liz Marx, Josie Mason, Grace Mauzy, Constance Mayer, Liz McCollum, Julie McDonald, Brenda McMorrow, Joan McSweeney, Helena Nash, Ana Netanel, Francesco Niccoli, Hillary Palestrant, Gita Perkins, Carrie Peters, Julie Phillips, Deborah Pierson, Prairie in Bloom, Stephen Price, Ryan O'Flaherty, Meena Ollek, Yvette Om, Philippe Quesnel, Janelle Reichman, Stella Roest, Guy Robinson, David Rosenthal, Bettina Jaideep Schl├╝ter, Julie Sector, Joan Shangold, Michael Shillingforth, Kate Shipp, Allen Shubert, Ricky Singer, Guruka Singh, Kartar Singh, Paramdhan Singh, Nam Hari Singh, Benida Solow, Regina Spamer (Gurupal Kaur, Leigh Stovestull, Studio Santosha Yoga, Heather Sweeney, Milan Symon, Jamila Tazewell, Alicia Valentyn, Zita Vasilisinova, June Paramdeep Veltman, Nacho Verdugo, Jeanne Verger, Christina Weddle, Rowen White, Lindsey Wicks, Christin Wingo, LynnDee Witteveen, Ananda Yogiji, Stephen Zipperer


I met Genevieve first as a client, then as a teacher, and now as a guest...  Cute example of the malleable roles we take on for one another,...

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