Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beyond Comfort

There is a space beyond comfort
where my soul longs to dance

There is no place to sit or sleep
No sugary words,
no thoughtless glance

There is a love like marble
A weathered-smooth substantial stone

Where we build our journey
Where my heart calls home

It's not a place of empty promises,
no cooing voices,
or inconsequential choices

Not soft,
but solid

Not sweet,
but nourishing


Where the heart meets its mate
Where the purpose and plan equate

Perfectly aligned


but One

At home,
at One.

This space exists beyond comfort
I am invited every day


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learning to Pray

A few years ago I took a prayer class at Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA with the lovely Rev. Greta. 

She gave us a whole packet of informational materials... prayers from different faiths and traditions. One of them was a translation of "The Lord's Prayer" taken directly from the original Aramaic. It had a very different vibration to it than the one we usually hear: As I lay me down to sleep, etc...

It inspired me to write this song, "Amen". Years later, it appears as the first track of my newest album, THE COSMIC GIFT. 

When I took the class, I was already practicing Sikhism. I took it not because there was something lacking in Sikhism, but because I didn't grow up with religion. I was curious about the prayer technique (called "affirmative prayer") that they used at Agape. I use the system when performing an Ardas actually (the Sikh prayer).

The class affirmed to me that other "religions," or systems of worship, do not threaten my faith. They enrich it. I truly believe that every "religion" is fundamentally the same when we don't see everything so literally. If we can expand our interpretation of what we think, we can reach common ground with pretty much anyone. God is far too vast to understand or win an argument about.

When it comes to God, I believe we should practice what we... well, just practice. Don't preach!



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