Monday, October 21, 2013

"Amen" LIVE

This is a live version of a song called "Amen." I wrote the lyrics based on a version of the Lord's Prayer translated directly from the Aramaic. I was really inspired to write my own prayer...

Here it is...


Sunday, October 20, 2013

God and Me

Here is a new video from Bhakti Fest 2013... "Aakhan Jor (God & Me)" 

The opening verse is a poem about the powerlessness of our ego. "God and me, me and God are ONE" is a Kundalini Yoga mantra.

The song is from my new album THE COSMIC GIFT.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Learning to love to give

I am slightly embarrassed to say that my first few months as a mother were not all awe, bliss and pixie-filled. It was hard rearranging my life to include a baby. And it was hard to figure out that it wasn't a new version of my old life I needed to design... I had to embrace a whole NEW life.

I'm nearly 8 months in and I can honestly say that I no longer morn my lost free time, my unbroken sleep, or any of the privileges I thought I enjoyed about my life as a childless woman. I love my life now. I realize how much having my son has opened my heart and taught me how to truly love giving.

Sirgun & Amrit-Anter


I met Genevieve first as a client, then as a teacher, and now as a guest...  Cute example of the malleable roles we take on for one another,...

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