Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Clean(s)ing

Ah spring!

The flowers... the sunshine... the overwhelming feeling of pushing out toxins from my body because I've decided to eat mostly raw vegan food again!

Know the feeling?

After a cute game of "what sort of things can I get away with eating?" that I've played for the past 4 years, I have now come full circle.

(I lost the game, by the way.)

It turns out where I started did make me feel the best. It's funny how we intuitively know what works and then resist it. Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, yes.


I'm really not interested in talking about food.

(I'm just going to post that salad there because it's pretty, don't you think?) 

4 years ago, yes. This whole blog would have been about animal rights and our health and blah blah blah. Today I am a little more pragmatic. I'm not writing this to convert you.

What's best for me, it's for everyone. That's cool.

I am writing this because when we simplify our diet, or our lifestyle, or whatever, we begin to release what doesn't serve us. That can help bring us closer to what does. If we know what we're looking for!

4 years ago I did not meditate. 4 years ago I thought the food was doing the work.

In reality, food is merely fuel. That's it. It can be the kind of fuel that supports us in meditation, or the kind of fuel that makes us want to sit on the couch instead because digesting it is exhausting work!

Cleansing is an inside job.

I've been reading the Sikh "Guru" quite a bit lately.

(That's our scriptures, sort of.)

Many of the writings reiterate the idea that we cannot be purified—think: in touch with the reality of existence—by a physical bath. There is no water, or place of pilgrimage (sorry Lourdes!), or secret handshake that is the magic key to experiencing God (think: our highest Self—ya Buddhist!).

Cleansing is something that happens where we direct our mind to the REALITY. Reality—the GREAT reality—is that there is a force behind everything we are experiencing.

Most of the time we are like boats sailing on the sea, unaware of that which is moving us.

Better yet...

Most of the time, we are like humans on this Earth, breathing air, unaware that there is anything beyond what we can see/smell/hear/taste/touch.

Reality is below the surface of what we think we know.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said: "Reality is what you think it is." 

Just the opposite, no?

Unless of course, it was meant to mean that your personal subjective reality is what you think it is.  Sure, you do create your vision of the world. Agreed. But what's real about that? Eh, semantics.

Anyway, my point here is that positive dietary changes only bring us into an expanded awareness when we know where to direct our attention. It can be a very powerful accompaniment to meditation, for example. On it's own, it can be what some people refer to as "kitchen spirituality."

Raw foodists especially get this mixed up because the food is so ALIVE and LIGHT. You get this sensation of being a little weightless... a little less of this Earth. But unless you know where to direct that energy, in my experience, that beautiful energy has no outlet... you're constantly looking for a "fix" you get from that next cucumber roll up, or whatnot.

(Again, it's just a pretty picture. You gotta admit.)

I'm really glad to be back here again. And I'm REALLY grateful to have a grounding spiritual practice that helps me to direct my attention on what really matters to me...

The music.
The love.
The magic behind everything.



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