Thursday, November 9, 2017

And I'm LIVE

Sat Nam~

I've been doing some live session on my facebook page... A little chant, a little talk... I will upload the one from today in the new post. 


"Sat Narayan", "Mera Man Lochai" and a Sneak Peek of my new album 

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Take the Money Out of It

I guess this is part two in what I learned from my parents.

My father's life philosophy goes something like this: 
"When you have a big decision to make, take the money out of it."
In other words, never make a decision purely for financial reasons. If you have a job offer, for example, FIRST decide if you would be happy doing it, what benefits it would bring to your life, what inconveniences, etc... THEN factor in the money. Because if you don't like the job to begin with, no amount of money is going to make that a good decision.

I think some people may see this as a privileged position... to get to make choices without having to consider money. But it's actually really practical advice.

If you do something you love (or seen from another perspective: if you can find love for what you do), chances are you will invest a lot of energy and heart into that. That kind of enthusiasm and inspired action reaps amazing rewards if you have the patience and trust to let it grow.

It makes good financial sense in the long run.

Whenever I make big decisions, I always make sure my motivation is something other than money.

Most people think they want more money because it will make them happy. If you aren't happy making that money, how does that add up?

Joy is NOW.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Life Is About Happily Cleaning the Toilet

This morning I was inspired to clean and tidy a few spots in my house. As I chanted "I am happy, I am good" I was reminded of something my mother used to tell people.

"The secret to life," she declared "is being happy while you clean the toilet."

In the literal sense, if you can maintain happiness while doing what is possibly the least enjoyable task in your home, then you can be happy doing anything.

This message resonated with me this morning as I, quite literally, felt happy cleaning my toilet.

And, if the quote is interpreted figuratively, I think this comes quite close to being the formula for winning at life. If you can maintain a vibration of happiness (which is simply a remembrance of your true nature) while doing everything you do, then you are ready to receive the abundance of the Universe in every moment. Your life becomes a series of miracles that you create... which fuels the happy, which creates more miracles.

Be happy. Get happy. Be happier. Get happier. Repeat.

Thanks mom,

Friday, February 10, 2017

Life Is a Vacation From Yoga

One of the most incredible misconceptions about the practice of yoga is that it is some elite pastime.

Yoga is not a vacation from life.

Life is a vacation from yoga.

Yoga is the practice of yoking oneself to the essential self. In effect, it is the practice of getting a REALITY CHECK.

Of course, yoga isn't for everyone. Some people will need a few needs met before they can afford such a luxury.

Before you practice yoga you may want to make sure you have the following needs met:

  • you are well fed
  • you have clothing to wear
  • you have appropriate shelter

Besides that, I cannot really think of any other barriers to entry. If you are alive, you'll want yoga.

But to be fair, YOGA ISN'T YOGA ISN'T YOGA.

The yoga we do in classes, or read about in magazines, or watch on exercise DVDs, is not really yoga.

Yoga is what can eventually happen as a result of doing such things.

Whether it's Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Meditation with mala beads, chanting, gardening, sitting quietly in bed—or any number of things people do to feel alive and connected to that tiny HUGE voice inside—it's the experience that is the yoga, not the practice itself.

We have the great honor of living at this moment in time. LIFE is the luxury. LIFE is the vacation from what is real.

Yoga is the daily reality check. Yoga is what helps us remember what truly matters.

Are you feeling me?

What does your yoga practice look like?


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Help Bring YOGA to Foster Children in Los Angeles

As part of my spiritual practice, I like to find good places to divert my funds. I cannot think of a better cause—and one that is closer to my heart—than providing access to Kundalini Yoga to foster children who have REQUESTED IT!

My father was adopted. My whole life I have understood the pain that is caused by a child feeling unwanted or abandoned by their birth parents (whether that was the case or not).

I have also experienced Kundalini Yoga's almost inconceivable effectiveness at healing past emotional wounds.

As my wealth grows, so too will my donations to Y.O.G.A for Youth's many worthwhile projects.

I hope you will consider giving to this fund. Your money goes directly towards the project and you can see exactly how much each part costs if you click on this link.

Invest in our future. Invest in our youth.

Much love,

Friday, January 20, 2017

Bringing Back HOMEMAKER

I was thinking the other day that I really like the word HOMEMAKER. 

The term used nowadays doesn't quite describe the actual job at hand. In fact, I find the term "stay-at-home-mom" to be slightly infuriating.

It suggests that someone who takes care of their offspring is a woman who stays at home all day.

Compared to what? A go-outside-dad?

Making a home was not a highly respected profession back in its day. I'd like to repurpose the word with the reverence it deserves. Making a HOME is crucial to the development of our world's future residents.

The extent to which they feel loved and heard, and thus the extend to which they will love and hear humanity, depends on a HOME.

a HOME shapes a childhood.
a HOME shapes early memories.
a HOME creates a sense of initial security.
a HOME is a shelter.

A HOME is the architecture of the heart.

A person who is a homemaker—the word is actually gender-free, hooray!—makes sacrifices.

Forgoing paid salary for their 24 hours of daily on-call work, a homemaker is in perpetual service to the future of our world. It is an act of unspeakable love. It deserves its own Nobel Prize category, not the scrutiny of of our culture who asks: "do you work?" (By which they mean, do you get financial validation for your work.)

Surely homemaker is not the only word that describes who I am—just as I would not adopt an identity based on any work or project I did. However, it is definitely one thing that makes up what I do on this Earth.

Yes, I do work.



P.S. I also do some music sometimes. (Wink, wink.)

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