Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to MERGE -- Answered by Sara

QUESTION: Are you able to tell HOW I focus on myself to make myself happy / enlightened and relaxing myself with my own mission here on earth? I’m not entirely sure what my mission even is. We’re told it’s to find / merge with god. That feels to me like saying ‘land on the moon and figure out how’ - seems very distant from my own capacity to make it happen.

ANSWER: When you were a child you understood how to feel good. You understood how to find joy in simple things. You didn’t hold grudges. You didn’t have preconceived notions of right and wrong. This is because joy is your natural state. In joy, you feel the merger of your small human self with the larger part of you. All that is. In joy, you are able to see yourself and everyone around you with clarity and ease.

You do not need to find anything, as it hasn’t gone anywhere. You have simply developed a habit, over the period of several human years, of disconnecting from who you truly are. You do this mostly to please others. You adopted certain limiting beliefs as a child because those who were teaching you—perhaps your parents, or your teachers, or even your friends—wanted you to fit into their society. They didn’t want to feel badly about your maladjustment to the society you lived in. They were operating in the only way they knew how—out of fear. They feared that if you acted in a certain way, you would cause a rift in their state of affairs, and they did not want to feel the negative emotion associated with this. In order to make sure you acted a certain way, they controlled you by withholding their love. They scolded you for not acting as you “should.” And so, you developed a certain understanding of the things you do to gain people’s affection, and the things you do to gain their trust, and the things you do, conversely, to make enemies. They taught you very well how to manipulate them, by manipulating you into acting a certain way. This was the way that most people operated in this time, and most today continue to do so.

We are witnessing a shift on your planet. This is the great shift from fear to love. You are now discovering that the old approach of manipulating others through your inauthentic actions simply doesn’t work the way you want it to. Your children have come to this planet at a time of great awakening—not by mistake. Their vibration is tuned to that of the planet’s right now, and consequently, they have a part to play in this shift. They must understand how this approach of control works. They must live in it. They must have an experience of seeing how humans accumulate limitation, bondage and fear. They are great explorers.

You too are a great explorer, and you came at the perfect time as well. When you were born, your vibration was higher than that of your parents, and your elders. It is always this way. The youth bring an elevated vibration and they revitalize the planet. This system is designed perfectly to set humankind on a trajectory of gradual evolution. This evolution does not feel as gradual as it did 100 years ago because everything seems to have accelerated. As the vibration of the planet continues to rise, so time will seem to speed up. This too is an illusion, but you will feel it nonetheless.

And so while it is the best time for humankind to connect to who they truly are, it is also the most complicated and challenging time for you to do so. The fact that you are interested is proof that you are capable of seeing through this illusion and merging with who you truly are.

Who you truly are is not on vacation somewhere while you figure things out. Who you truly are is guiding you even now. You are in communication with YOU in every moment of every day. You just aren’t realizing it as keenly as you will with practice. Every time you feel negative emotion that is a communication from your Soul that you are seeing an illusion. You feel negative emotion because your Soul does not see what you see and cannot “be there” with you as you hold yourself apart from it. You see, you cannot actually be separate from your Soul, from Source, from God, but you can create enough mental clutter to make yourself believe you are.

Imagine a field of energy surrounding you, holding you. Imagine feeling that Cosmic hug often. That would feel so good. When you feel good, that is a cosmic hug. Because the inverse is true about good feeling emotions. They are a communication from your Soul that you are seeing things similarly to it. In this moment that you are feeling joy, or peace, or bliss, you are in merger. That’s all it is. And the more you cultivate the importance of your own good feeling—your own peace of mind, your own self-worth—the greater your capacity will be to feel this Cosmic hug that is always squeezing you tightly. It is never somewhere else. It is always with you.

We are here with you every step of the way. You can take a deep breath, feel relief, and that relief is the hug. You can calm yourself down after a fit of tears and in that space of surrender, you will feel merger.

As you begin to apply focus and recognize these spiritual moments, you will grow in your capacity to “merge”--as you call it. You will become the Jivan Mukta who walks through life with the knowledge of your spiritual, joyful nature. You will feelsthe enormous rocket-powered Cosmic hug that is constantly trying to get your attention. It’s there in more moments than you notice now. This is changing. You can do this.

With our love,

Monday, September 9, 2019

A Question about Disturbing Thoughts

A question to Sara about disturbing thoughts.

QUESTION: I have a repetitive unwanted thought that keeps intruding on my mind. And that is, "I want to die." I don't really want to die, but the thought keeps coming. How do I tune into a different channel? I don't like this radio station.

ANSWER: Indeed, you don’t want to die. In fact, the idea of death is an absurd one. You are an eternal being who has never been born and can never die. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It simply is. You simply are.

You came into physical reality to experience things that would have been impossible from a non-physical perspective. Carrying thoughts, and feeling what they felt like, was one such exploration you intended to have.  There is nothing wrong with thinking the thought “I want to die.” Those words, those letters, the sounds they make, only have meaning because they trigger fear within you. They cause you to ask questions about your mental state. They cause you to wonder why you are thinking them. They cause a whole lot of doubt and a whole lot of wobble in your vibration.

The words have no meaning beyond what you give to them. You could think it was funny. You could think it was the most important thought you’d ever attracted—for thoughts are attracted, and not created inside your brain. You could even dismiss it as complete noise.

Why do you choose to be troubled by these words? Because you have a limiting belied around death perhaps. Or a limiting belief around what you think you “should” be thinking. Maybe you think a spiritual person should not attract such thoughts. Maybe you think a spiritual person shouldn’t be attracting such thoughts. (from Sirgun: yep, the line was given twice!)

As you will learn in this journey you are embarking upon with the bootcamp, should is a limiting belief. It creates a false perception of reality in which there is right and wrong. There is nothing wrong with a thought. You can choose to attract a different one, however that cannot happen when your mind is consumed by the wrongness of the thought you are already holding on to.

You have some momentum with this thought now. It stirs up more fear than it did the first time you thought it perhaps. Perhaps it’s just become annoying. All of these reactions are keeping the thoughts present, with a certain intensity, in your vibration. The thought has nothing to do with death, or dying. The thought has to do with practicing your choice of thoughts. This is a great one to practice with because, as you have noticed, you cannot ignore it. It has gotten your attention. It has come to say: “Liesel, you have the power to choose your thoughts. Why do you persist in entertaining thoughts you don’t enjoy?” Death is simply a way to get your attention. Many people find that they ignore the earlier signals of a message and then they find themselves in a situation that grabs their attention. Disease is like this. Accidents. Foreclosures. There are many ways non-physical, which is you, tries to get your attention. It is not to scare you, it is FOR your benefit.

You do not want this thought to go away. You want to be the person who is no longer bothered by a thought you don’t care to entertain. You want to the person who can apply focus on the thoughts that she does enjoy. You want to the person who no longer gives energy and meaning to the parts of your life that are not serving you.

And all this will be done in love, which is to say acceptance, of what is. You cannot release something until you stop resisting it.

Do not be afraid of this thought. It too is here to help you. It too is here to show you how much you are loved. When you can see clearly enough to see that, the thought will go away on its own. You won’t even remember when it happened. And if it comes back, you will swat it away with less significance than you would swat a fly. It means nothing. You give it meaning.

With our love,

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Enlightenment, Channeling, Oh My! -- A Question for Sara


I have a big question for Sara. I’ve been contemplating that in ancient times, certain individuals like Christ, Krishna and Buddha achieved enlightenment. Meanwhile, in modern times, there are individuals who channel non-physical entities (or stream) like Abraham, Sara, Joshua, Laurel etc. I guess my question is if enlightenment is a different expansion than channeling? Are these parallel paths to connecting with Source? The older path birthed world Stream the next iteration? I sense that the teachings, old and new, stem from Source, but the new way (channeling) is perhaps more a vibrational match for the age of technology, one that guides us to a higher perspective without the formality and structure of religion.


Enlightenment, channeling, meditation, peace of mind—these are various ways people experience a state of union in their physical experience. You see, you are part and parcel of the One Source. Humans have many ways of describing both the experience of what it is to flow that Source through their awareness, and also how to attain that state.

When you receive an insight, it is for you. You are a unique expression of Source energy and as such, your path towards what you conceive of as enlightenment (which is what we would call clarity) will be different than your neighbor’s, and certainly than your ancestors’. Their specific vibrational frequency is different from yours, and as such, they will be led towards different information, different experiences, and different manifestations that will confirm and highlight their own belief systems.

In the times of Krishna, Jesus, Moses, etc people were not ready to see themselves as one with Source just yet. The messages that were channeled by these individuals—for channeling is merely a physical and auditory expression of connection with Source—were meant for that time. They were exactly the shift that was needed at that time and place. Not more. Not less. Not everyone was ready for these messages, and some would only find them years after the messenger had left the physical plane.

In this day and age, many are finding that they have the ability to connect with the Source of who they truly are and relay the vibrational messages that they receive in that neutral state. It is not beyond your ability to do either. It is completely natural.

For we hear that in your question, you are placing these individuals above your own capacity to do the same. Enlightenment is not a state that is attained and kept forever. It is a point of balance. It is a state attained in certain moments when the choice could very well be to disconnect and react to the illusion of physical reality. All masters have had human experiences. Without those experiences they would be poor teachers. They would have no understanding of what being a human is, and therefore would have no ability to communicate on a genuine level with their fellow humans. You are not different. You have had life experiences that will allow you to communicate authentically with certain people who will gravitate towards you. Your practice of maintaining your own equipoise and alignment will allow you to see them clearly and understand your unique role in their life. You ask this question because you are discovering who you truly are as a spiritual leader and teacher. It sparks interest because you wonder how probable or possible it will be for you to do the same. Is it attainable? Your ability to connect is a hundred fold compared to the leaders of yesterday, no matter how highly your population holds these people in their esteem. The reason is simple: the vibration of the planet continues to raise and you were a vibrational match to this planet the day you chose to be born. You have a unique perspective. You will be able to tap into realms and perspectives that are completely unique and have never been heard before here on Earth. That is your power as a creator. That is your power as a human being and the unique way you are tuned to the Earth’s frequency. You are here to be a channel, to be enlightened, to understand all of this and know that everything is always perfect. You are here to relay a very specific message, from a very specific point of reference, to a very specific audience who will be uniquely affected by it. And yet you are not here to do this for any one else. You are here to do this so you can see yourself as this supreme being. You are here to do this so you can see yourself clearly. One with Source. One with everything that is. One with everyone. No one is greater or lesser than you. We are all in this together.

With our love,


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