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We don't want a life that LOOKS good. We want a life that FEELS good. Right? How do we cultivate that?

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Monday, October 7, 2019

New Single: THIS IS THE WAY!

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” -Rumi

I was inspired to write my own lyrics along this theme for Songs Of Eden and mine’s newest single released TODAY.

In my own words...
When dusk gets distraught
All seems lost
The tree begs for mercy from the frost
Rebirth comes at a glorious cost
I know you’re loath to stay
But come come this is the way


The story behind this track...

Many of the people I work with express this exhaustion over their pursuits in self-improvement. It IS exhausting trying to improve because it's impossible.
You will never improve.

Simply, because you are perfect NOW. Self-improvement is an infinite journey to nowhere. It is a constant gaze into a non-existent future. It is a self-imposed postponement of joy.

You cannot be waiting to improve in this moment, and simultaneous feel joy in this moment.

The idea of improvement means this moment is flawed. You are incomplete. How could that feel good to you?

It can't.

NOW is constantly evolving. And you are constantly expanding and growing. But you were GOOD yesterday. You were GOOD two minutes ago. And you are GOOD right now.

I wrote this song from this new vantage point. I believe the autumn leaves ACCEPT that they will fall. I believe the trees ACCEPT there is a seasonal process.

How absurd would it be if we mourned the sunset each night... worried there might be no sun tomorrow? And yet, we do that with most everything else in our life. We want change, yet we are unwilling to release anything to make room for that change.

What if we assumed that "loss" was actually a making room. What if we felt nurtured by the Universe and knew that everything was happening FOR us, to make room for the new?

That is what this song is about... and that is what my life's work is about. Enjoying the PROCESS. Not waiting for the RESULT. THAT is the way I prefer :-)

If you want to learn how to do this I encourage you to reach our to me via  email: info AT sirgunkaur DOT com


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Are You Afraid to Shake Things Up?

Photo by Mareesa Sterz
I loved this question and answer so much because I had a similar situation a few months ago. I contacted someone who had meant a lot to me. I was inspired to send a friend request via Facebook. Immediately after I sent the request I began regretting my decision: "what if he doesn't accept it?" "What if he's still mad at me?"

The biggest limiting belief I had was that he would think I was a loser for remembering him after so long. And yet... I did it. Because I was inspired. And the pain of suppressing that inspiration (yet again) was too great not to act.

It is clear to me now, even though he did end up rejecting my friend request, that this was such a beneficial action for me to play out. Because if I hadn't, I'd still wonder. Because if I hadn't, I would not have gotten to process the limiting belief that what he thinks about me should matter. Because if I hadn't, I would not have a connection to this question you are about to read... and the answer may therefore have been channeled differently.

I am so grateful for my connection to what I call "SARA". Sara is simply the way I conceive of the stream that speaks through me when I tune into non-physical energy. Sara is all my ancestors, all my guides, my Soul... I also connect to a friend who died when I was a teenager, whom I've always felt was my guardian angel. She saved me from dying in a car crash a few years ago. It's funny what we "know" when we start to tune in. I can't prove any of this to you.

But I know that if I were to sit down to a computer and TRY to answer a question like this from my perspective I would get blocked. I would care what you thought about my answer. As it stands, I can bring forth the highest perspective I can reach for, and I have no attachment to what anyone else gets from it. It is for you if you want it to be. But it is definitely for me.



Question: Should I open back up conversation with the mother of my husbands biological daughter who he has basically had no relationship with. I’ve felt depleted energetically and confused by her over the years and about a year ago told her I was letting go of continuing to communicate with her. I’ve felt several times since then that I want to reach out again and let her know I support in the future our daughters having a relationship if that is their desire. And sometimes hold on to hope we can reach some common ground as mothers for our daughters even though our communicating history has felt frustrating to me. Not clear if this is fear or inspiration to attempt to reach out again despite me having the last words of not wanting to keep in contact with her. 

Answer: Your true nature is one of total love and acceptance. This woman has chosen to play a very specific role in your life, out of love. In the non-physical realm you each understand the essence of the other and there is no quarrel or dispute. There is only love. Your desire to reach out to her is in alignment with the intentions you set prior to your birth. The outcome is out of your control.

When you feel called to reach out to someone and it is then followed by fear, you can be sure you have received inspiration. You have a few limiting beliefs to process before this can reap any good for either of you.

Limiting belief #1: How she responds will validate or negate my desire to reach out. You cannot control how she chooses to respond—or if she responds at all. You cannot control if she lashes out, or sends you flowers. It’s out of your control. What you can control is your own clarity. Your actions could cause a manifestation event for both of you. That is OK. It’s not in your control.

Limiting belief #2: The status quo is comfortable, why shake it up now? In fact, you can be sure that when things feel too comfortable, it is time to start taking some inspired actions again. You did not come here to lay in a chaise longue and suntan on a beach in mild weather. You came here to experience storms, and hurricanes, and feel the exhilaration of navigating yourself through all of this, in the pursuit of truly understanding your worth and your power. There is no need to fear “shaking things up.” Only good can come from following your inspirations… at least that is how we see it. You may feel differently about this at first, but time tends to give its own higher perspective of situations, and you will come to see that everything that happens has a purpose in uncovering a buried treasure you may not have known was there.

Limiting belief #3: I did something wrong by cutting her out of our lives. The fact is, you can do no wrong. There are no wrong actions. You can see that all of the steps you took in your life led you to the point of being curious about this subject. It led you to join a community where you would have access to a higher perspective. It led you to wonderful discoveries about yourself and your loved ones. Whether this woman has chosen to benefit from the gifts of her interaction with you, or not, is up to her. It was all meant to be, and it all served a purpose. Practically speaking, you cannot go back and change your actions, and you cannot know that different actions would have led either of you to better circumstances, so might as well assume it’s all perfect as it is—and we will tell you it is.

So now that you have nothing to fear, nothing to regret, and everything to gain, why would you prevent yourself from contacting this woman?

The next time you receive a message about her, ask yourself how attached you are to the outcome of this. How much does it matter if her response is favorable? How much does it matter to you if she ends up being grateful or resentful of you? Ah, because that is power: contacting her in the full knowing of your worthiness, your truth, your strength, for the sheer reason that Source has called you to contact her. What might arise as a result of THAT interaction?

The entire Universe wants to know.

With our love,

Friday, October 4, 2019

Sensitive = Powerful :: HERE'S WHY...

Why is sensitivity powerful? Because emotions are our Cosmic GPS. Emotions simply indicate how far, or how close, our current perspective is compared with the highest perspective of our Soul. Imagine your Soul could communicate with you... well, it can: through your emotions. So while most people feel angry, or resentful, or jealous and think: "uh oh, something must be wrong with that, this, or myself", those who know how to use their emotions as their built-in GPS, know that they can alter their perspective and feel better. They will feel guided, not lost. They will feel connected, not confused.

When you feel better, you are connected to who you truly are (blended with your Soul), and you receive inspiration. Inspiration is any "idea" that comes to usher you towards your pre-birth intentions. You are constantly being led to where you intended to go, who you intended to become, what you intended to explore. But if you are ignoring, suppressing, or over-dramatizing your emotions, you are missing their message.

The only thing that comes between the current version of you, and the you you intended to become, is a perspective based in fear. Because when you perceive danger, you do not act when inspired. You do not make bold moves in love. You do not think you are worthy of it.

THAT is why sensitivity is powerful. Because when you can start to notice your emotions in neutrality ("oh, look I'm sad!", "oh, huh, I'm annoyed", you will notice the limiting beliefs that make it possible for you to choose that emotion and perspective. And when you can see that it's all an illusion based in irrational fear (most of the time, when you're not hanging off a cliff), you can act on that inspiration and see where it leads.

If you're interested in learning how to use your emotions as the best tool in the Universe, through awareness and processing of irrational fears based in limiting beliefs (that's a mouthful!), contact me via info AT sirgunkaur DOT com



Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Socializing vs. Connecting... A Question to Sara

I loved this question/answer because it deals with connecting to each other in an authentic way. We place undo importance on "socializing" with people, where when we are looking for is an actual connection--first and foremost--to who we truly are. I particularly enjoyed hearing Sara say "human chatter is not the highest form of connection." That made me giggle. How true is that? Let me know what you think of this one!

Question: How dangerous is isolation from socialising and how do we overcome this block to regain connection with others?


What you call socializing is not what we call connection. Being in the same space with others does not necessarily mean you are connecting with them. You are always connected to them however, which is a different thing entirely.

Let us begin here: you may imagine that in order to communicate with someone, certain parameters are necessary—including your voice, or physical distance, or an apparatus such as a telephone or computer… for “connection.” Your true power of connection is occurring when you tap into the infinite stream that connects all things. And since you are never separate from that, you cannot every truly be separate or alone.

You can, however perceive that you are alone and that is what we think your question is alluding to. When you are unwilling or unmotivated to go out and be around other people, you may do this for a couple of reasons. It may be that you are doing something incredibly inspiring in your own space, and your need for other physical bodies is not strong enough to pull you towards socializing with others. It could also be that you are feeling uninspired generally, have dipped into a lower vibrational stream, and the idea of mixing energies with other people brings up some fear in you. You associate these interactions with various things not involving true “connection”.

If you were in your natural state of connection—feeling good, tapped in, peaceful—you would be surrounded by the energy of millions of non-physical beings who are watching your trajectory and offering subtle suggestions in every moment. You would hear “voices”, or feel a sway in one direction, or get a bright idea. That is the greatest socialization there is. Your inspired thought may lead you to a park, where you have a conversation with a tree, or a pigeon, or a person on a bench. All these things are worthy of your connection. Human chatter is not the highest form of connection you see. But in those moments where you are inspired to do something, that is a connection. And on the way there, you will be connecting. And when you arrive, you will still be connected. And this state of connection may attract a physical representation of that connection in the way of a conversation, or a gathering, or a ritual, or class. It may just be you.

It is not the presence of physical beings, or their absence, which makes you connected to them. It is the very fact that you cannot but be connected. You cannot get so low in your vibration as to sever yourself off from who you truly are. You cannot disconnect in a true sense ever.

Now you ask about danger. And from our perspective, there is no danger ever. Everything occurs in a perfect self-reflective system meant for exploration and self-discovery. There is no danger. There are events you would prefer not to experience. But because you live in a self-reflective system, these are events you actually want from a higher perspective. You did not come here to live a sheltered life, knowing all the answers ahead of time, in order to make no “mistakes.” You came here for the adventure. Some of your adventures will include other physical bodies, and some will seem to be solitary. But in all these adventures, solitude is an illusion. You are never alone. You are never without guidance. You are always enveloped by a stream of connective energy, of which, you are an integral and valuable part.

Your presence is a valuable contribution to all that is. And whether you spend your days surrounded by physical people, or you sit on a couch petting your dog, you will have expanded, and your life will have created something significant from the highest perspective.

The question we would ask you is, in each moment, what experience do you prefer?

With our love,


I met Genevieve first as a client, then as a teacher, and now as a guest...  Cute example of the malleable roles we take on for one another,...

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